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Slow Cooker Baby Food Recipes - Yellow Squash, Sweet Potatoes, or Green Beans

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The first recipe you can use with squash, sweet potatoes, or frozen green beans. Make sure that the vegetables are washed and the skin is peeled to make sure that they do not harm baby's stomach. You will want to put the large chunks of food in the slow-pot and cover with the smallest amount of water that you can cook them fully in.


  • cup water
  • Green Beans
  • Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes

As far as the frozen green beans are concerned, use the same amount and you can put those in the crock-pot frozen. In regards to the sweet potatoes, you will only need to use a third cup of water to fully cook them in. Unlike other slow cooker recipes, you'll want to ensure that you will be home to keep an eye on the food as it is cooking. Each of the foods that I have given will be cooked differently all depending on the content of the moisture and the density of the fruit or vegetable that you are preparing for you little one. Everything should be cooked completely in a three to four hour time span and you only need to use a 2-5L slow cookers. After the food is tender and ready, unplug your slow cooker from the outlet and utilise your blender. You can even make use of your food processor to puree the baby's food. If the food is still thick and you need to make it thinner, only use water in little drips to do so. You will not harm your child by freezing the baby food so you may put the food in ice trays and store in a freezer bag for later use. It is actually very safe but make sure that you put a date on each bag and use them accordingly. Also, do not freeze breast milk.

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