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Slow Cooker Tips - Near the end

  • Stir in spices for the last hour of cooking. They will lose flavour if cooked with the rest of the ingredients for the long cooking period.
  • Add tender vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms and courgette during the last 45 minutes of cooking time so they don't overcook.
  • You can thicken the juices and concentrate flavours by removing the lid and cooking on HIGH for the last half hour of cooking time.

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I have cooked a korma but the chilli is too strong , any suggestions what to add to help this
Posted 1766 days ago
My oven has felt neglected for years. Between my crock pot, movriwace and my toaster oven, my oven has become a real storage area for junk. This crockpot is perfect for one person or family. It makes even the toughest and most expensive cuts of meat tender and moist. I just toss in the meat, veggies and potatoes and then leave the house. When I come home, supper is ready. I like the two settings low and high. The situation gets really high moving the cooking process. Cleaning is a snap. If I can not wash it right away I just fill it with warm water and let it soak. It cleans right up laundering, even if some food is burnt on the bottom. Last night I tossed in some chicken, sliced onions and can of mushroom soup. Does it get any easier than that? It took five minutes to prepare the delicious meal fit for a king.
Posted 1858 days ago
Yust an very awesom cooikng here,and i love soups. (Minestrone)with fresh productes,and a good bread,its my fav. Tumbs up honey and stay cute and all the best ..Toni Team Babsy125
Posted 1876 days ago
you can get slow cooker sauce mix from uk supermarkets, tasty and easy to use, saves time, meat and veg add water to pack and put all in slow cooker.. job done
Posted 2131 days ago
hi just got a slow cooker made first ever meal with it..meat was lovely and tender but veg was bland even tho i used herbs and a stock cube can anybody help
Posted 2134 days ago
found this a very useful site wpould recommend anyone using a slow cooker for the first time to check this site out
Posted 2773 days ago
Very useful tips, thanks! I'll be heading to the store to get myself one tomorrow.
Posted 2871 days ago
Ah good tips on using spices. My slow cooker recipes haven't gone down too well with two hungry sons who normally love my conventionally cooked curries etc..will try adding whole spices or adding ground ones a bit later? Hetty.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Seasoning Your Slow Cooking

Seasoning Your Slow Cooking

A successful slow cooked dish will ultimately involve the perfect combination of herbs, spices, and seasonings. When using herbs, it is best to select dried options. These respond better to the long, moist cooking process than their fresh counterparts. Thus, they will impart more flavour into your dish. If you do want to use fresh herbs, you should not add them until the last thirty minutes of cooking. Additionally, not all herbs are equally potent. Therefore, you will want to use certain varieties in larger or smaller amounts than others. As a general rule, spices such as parsley, marjoram, and basil are fairly light, while ginger, rosemary, and sage are stronger. Bay leaves are also a strong herb, and only one to two of these are needed for soups and stews.

Using Spices in Slow Cookers

Spices, like dried herbs, should be added at the beginning of cooking. However, some varieties, particularly chili spices, may become bitter if cooked too long. Therefore, these should be added roughly halfway through cooking. In general, whole spices are better suited to slow cooking than ground varieties. This is because the whole spice will have time to cook and release its flavour when used in the slow cooker. In contrast, ground spices are often preferred in other types of cooking where a long heating time is not viable. Some popular whole spices include cumin, coriander, peppercorns, and cinnamon sticks. To save time, you can simplify your dish by adding a pre-selected spice mix. Look for varieties specifically suited for slow cooking to get the best flavour.

Prepared Sauces in your Recipes

Prepared sauces are another way to add flavour to your slow cooked meals. For beefy stews, Worcestershire sauce and ketchup are popular flavourings. Meanwhile, soy sauce or hoisin sauce are great for Asian dishes. There are also fish, oyster, and anchovy sauces commonly used when preparing seafood. A sub-category of seasoning sauces includes pastes with strong flavours. Curry paste is used in many Middle Eastern, Indian, and Thai dishes. You can also find adobo pastes used in Mexican cooking. Be aware of how much of these pastes you add to your dishes. They can often have strong, spicy flavours, which will be enhanced by the slow cooking process.

Alcohol in Slow Cooker Recipes

Alcohol can also be used to flavour slow cooked dishes. Since alcohol is fairly common in cooking, you may already be familiar with its ability to add flavour to many dishes. However, using alcohol in your slow cooker is somewhat different. Since less moisture is loss during slow cooking, less alcohol will evaporate from your dish. Therefore, you will not need to add as much alcohol to get the flavour you desire. As for the types of alcohol used, this depends on the dish you are preparing. When creating marinades for meat, beer, cider, and wine are all great options. Beer is also popular in some stews, and wine is used in a wide array of soups, sauces, and roasts. Meanwhile, cider can sometimes be added to desserts, as can some more potent drinks like rum or sweet liqueurs.

Extracts to Enhance your Recipes

A final category of seasonings are extracts. These are generally sweet flavours that are added in very small amounts to meat dishes or desserts. Perhaps the most popular extracts are those from almond and vanilla. These are great for desserts and also preparing breakfast oats. Lighter extracts include orange flower and rose water. These have a delicate flavour that can enhance dishes when added near the end of cooking. When using extracts, be sure to only add a few drops. The flavour will grow exponentially during heating and you do not want to overdo it.

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