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Simple Baby Food Recipe
Yellow Squash, Sweet Potatoes, or Green Beans
Crock-Pot Bread Pudding

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How to make Baby Foods in your Slow Cooker

Step 1 - Peal your fruits / vegetables and cut into slices or cubes.

How to make Baby Foods in your Slow Cooker

Step 2 - Slow cook for 5-8 hours on low

If you don't have a small enough slow cooker, use separate GLASS jars within the slow cooker. in this way you can make smaller amounts and have more variety for your baby.

Making Baby Food

Add 3cm (1 inch) of water inside the slow cooker to ensure it does not dry out.

Preparing Baby Food in Slow Cooker

Step 3 - Lightly blend the food (use low setting) to reduce the blending effects on vitamins.

I store all my home made baby food frozen in a Tupperware ice cube tray. The Tupperware has an airtight lid which is designed keeps other odors (from my 2 year old chicken wing and prawns) out of the blocks. The plastic seems to be of a higher quality and does not leave residual plastic odors that cheaper plastic containers tend to do.

Baby Food

Step 4 - Thaw and serve.

Remember that you can mix and match the blocks. If your baby loves pear but does not like broccoli, you can add a pear block with the broccoli.

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