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Top Rated Chicken Recipe:Saucy Chicken and Vegetable


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Posted 275 days ago
Brilliant. loved every minute of eating this. will be making it again without doubt
Posted 941 days ago
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Posted 1739 days ago
List of ingredients makes little sense - 1 streaky bacon? One packet? One rasher? Whatever it meant I think I used too much because the end result was tasty, but far too salty. Decent recipe, will either omit or grill the bacon and add it at the end next time though.
Posted 1782 days ago
Currently writing out shopping list as this will be mine and fellas tea tonight!! Not too keen on celery so will substitute with butternut squash as have always wanted to use this, and someone else recommended!! Will let you know the results, tho i imagine he will scoff it!!
granny aud
Posted 1959 days ago
Made this for my fussy husband who loved it, am making it again today for my family. The house smells lovely this is going to be a family favourite. Try it!
Posted 2158 days ago
I used chicken thighs browned them first but didnt cook any of the veg. I put in potato, carrot, chili, garlic, brocoli too put a splash or 2 of light soy sauce and fish sauce to give it some extra taste! delicious!
Posted 2159 days ago
Lovely. Used portions instead of breast and removed the skin so less fat.

1 cup is 237ml in case anyone doesn't know.

Yes you can just pop it all in the pot with the flour without frying. However frying seals the meat and gives the veg a bit more flavour but should be tasty without.t will
Posted 2170 days ago
Has anyone made this without browning the meat or frying the veg? Just wondered if it makes a big difference? If so, did you just put the flour in the pot with everything or leave it out? I know it's meant to thicken the sauce but didn't want it to clump up if it wasn't fried off.
Posted 2173 days ago
For PLT sunflower oil IS NOT a vegetable oil as sunflower is a FLOWER the name is in the title as with VEGETABLE as for the dish mmmmm sooo very tasty thank you
Posted 2193 days ago
It was amazing!!!!! I am cooking it again for my friends today. Even my 6 year old son loved it.xxx A+++
Posted 2201 days ago
just finished putting ingrediants in pot roll on t time
Posted 2306 days ago
Well, 1 cup of chicken stop is the liquid. I will try this out tomorrow
Posted 2345 days ago
Do i add water in this recipe ,and if yes when and how much ? thnx very much for great recipe..
Posted 2368 days ago
wonderful...it fitted quite well in my large slow cooker and tasted yummy..will defo do again. thank you
Posted 2389 days ago
sounds delicious. been waiting to try something like this.
Posted 2450 days ago
absolutly fantatic made my aniverys meal something to remeber will defo cook again
Posted 2456 days ago
im following this now
new to slow cookers
dont i have to put any water in slow cooker?
robert Dixon
Posted 2463 days ago
There is not enough stock to cover the dish in the slow cooker, my instruction guide says all food must be immersed.
Posted 2470 days ago
Hi Georgia and others who have large slow cookers. you can always put a smaller quantity in the slow cooker and it will still work out fine. If the quantities are really small, you can put them inside a glass container then put them inside the slow cooker. This is that we do with the baby food recipes.
Posted 2470 days ago
i have a large/extra large slow cooker and im guessing by the amounts in this recipe its for small ones how much is it suggested i adapt it by for mine?
Posted 2479 days ago
Delicious. I am new to slow cookers and have used mine only several times. This is defo one I'll be using again. I added extra bacon, mushrooms and left out the garlic.. Thanks
liz murphy
Posted 2496 days ago
The best slow cooker recipe I have tried! I am a childminder and the casserole was eaten by all - even my own fussy eaters. The sauce was just so tasty and a beautiful colour and the chicken so tender. I had 5 children to feed and multiplied the amounts by 3 and used 400ml stock.
Posted 2497 days ago
This was the very first recipe I tried and I am Impressed!!!!! Easy to do, tasted amazing, the whole family enjoyed it, especially the children. Great family recipe. Looking forward to making it again. I added some parsnips and cornflour to thicken recipe up.
Posted 2512 days ago
I am new to slow cooking. Found this recipe great to follow and tasty. The whole family enjoyed it.
Posted 2534 days ago
A great casserole to warm the cockles. Ideal as a meal alone and you can add anything else you want to - I added extra carrots, broccoli, peppers and aubergine (a little soft as cooked for a while - but v tasty), love this and will make it one of my favourite dishes.
Also very good with home made rosemary focaccia!
Posted 2537 days ago
used this recipe when i waz in the caravan. bloodly brill, all the campers loved it, great after a night on the ale 4 stars
Posted 2540 days ago
same as kezza, got a slow cooker for xmas and wanna try this out, do i need to cook anything else with this? i.e potatoes etc or is this receipe enough for a meal?
Posted 2541 days ago
just got a slow cooker for xmas,and am planning to make this receipe,can l cook this on high setting as want to make it for tonights dinner,if so how long do you think it will take to cook
Posted 2561 days ago
This recipe is delish! I'd run out of tomato puree so used half can of chopped tomatoes instead and used more bacon too - scrummy!
Posted 2568 days ago
For SarahLou: Sunflower oil IS a vegetable oil.
Posted 2574 days ago
First thing I cooked in my new slow cooker. Really yummy.
Not a fan of herbs tho so will so it without next time.
Great recipe that you can adjust to suit your own tastes.
Patricia Beggs
Posted 2578 days ago
My family totally love this recipe. I have made it over and over again, I get very proud every time I make it cause it is totally cupboard ingrediants. Love it
Posted 2586 days ago
on all these recipes i've noticed it says vegetable oil, do i have to used this or can i substitute for sunflower oil?
Posted 2596 days ago
Made this twice now & all my family love it although haven't added the tomato puree in as just don't fancy it & last time I made it I added to finely chopped leek too - my mum came for tea & thought it was great
a hudson
Posted 2615 days ago
the meal was really good never used a slow cooker be for and was really happy with the results
Posted 2641 days ago
This recipe was stunning.
Posted 2653 days ago
My first slow cooker recipe and it was lovely even though I substituted all the veg! I also used frozen chicken breasts and it turned out lovely.
Posted 2653 days ago
This was the first thing I cooked in my first ever slow cooker. Very easy, tho I started to brown things off as stated but gave up as the whole point is that I can chuck it all in and go to work!!! We all loved it. Used big chunks of chicken tho enough to feed the 5 of us and I think next time I would maybe spice it up a bit but the flavour was still lovely.
Posted 2729 days ago
Tastes a bit like soup.
Posted 2782 days ago
Absolutely delicious, will be trying this again
Posted 2823 days ago
Ours looked nothing like the pic. We didn't add onion, or carrot, or celery. We didn't brown the chicken, we used ketchup instead of tomato puree. Strange thing is, it looked a lot nicer than the pic and tasted GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
Posted 2831 days ago
I used all above but added small chunks of butternut squash, 4 fresh tomatoes and instead of mixed herbs used 1/2 tsp of turmeric when softening onions, and added 1tsp paprika and 2 tsp cider vinegar to veg.
Really tastes fresh, summer like, and perfect for a spring supper.
Posted 2844 days ago
on your home page it says the crock pot is the only thing that is used, but in this recipe you got to use another pan.
Posted 2855 days ago
Looks like this serves just 2, given the ingredients. Personally, I'd triple it and then freeze the remainder.
sarah james
Posted 2857 days ago
this recipe sounds nice, but it do'sent say how many peaple it serves

Slow Cooker Recipes > Poultry Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes - Chicken & Bacon Casserole

Chicken & Bacon Casserole

Chicken Bacon Casserole is rated 2.9 / 5 based on 602 votes.

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Preparation time:
Slow Cooker Size 3.5L+
Serves: 4
Cooking time:


  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 chicken portions
  • 1 rasher smoked streaky bacon
  • onion
  • crushed garlic cloves (optional)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 celery stick diced
  • 1 tablespoon (all-purpose) plain flour
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1 tablespoon tomato puree
  • 1 teaspoon dried mixed herbs (optional)
  • salt and pepper


  • Heat the oil in a large pan and brown the chicken oil all sides. Transfer to the slow cooker bowl.
  • Add the bacon, oil ions, garlic, carrots and celery and gently fry for about 4 minutes. Stir in the Flour and then gradually add the stock, tomato puree, mixed herbs and seasoning.
  • Bring to the boil stirring continuously. Pour over the chicken.
  • Cook for 6 8 hours on low.
  • Serving suggestion:

    Adjust seasoning after cooking and serve with new potatoes. If the sauce is too thin, transfer to a pan and thicken using a little cornflour.

    Recipe End

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